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[NEWS] B1A4 2nd Mini-Album – IT B1A4

☆ IT B1A4 Track List ☆

1. Beautiful Target
Composers: Lee Yonghwan, Kim Heewon, Ham Junseok
Lyricists: Lee Yonghwan, Park Janggeun, Shin Dongwoo (CNU), Cha Sunwoo (BARO)
First Line of Lyrics: My breath seems to have stopped love seems to have come

2. Fooool
Composers: Park Gangil
Lyricists: Park Gangil
First Line of Lyrics: Hey recently it’s been weird, you’re like a different person

3. My Love
Composers: Kim Michael Chung (One Way’s Chance)
Lyricists: Lee Yonghwan, Park Janggeun, Kim Michael Chung (One Way’s Chance), Cha Sunwoo (BARO)
First Line of Lyrics: I can’t take my lonely heart any longer, looking for you

4. Wonderful Tonight
Composers: Jung Jinyoung (JINYOUNG)
Lyricists: Jung Jinyoung (JINYOUNG), Shin Dongwoo (CNU), Cha Sunwoo (BARO)
First Line of Lyrics: Baby crying for love tonight

5. 쮸쮸쮸 Chu Chu Chu
Composers: Song Bongjo, Choi Myunghee
Lyricists: Song Bongjo, Song Jaewon
First Line of Lyrics: After hanging up on you, I only think of you all day long

☆ IT B1A4 Album Introduction ☆

The attention grabbing next-generation super rookies in 2011, B1A4! Now, give them your attention! It is ‘IT B1A4’. A unique group name formed from the 4 blood type A members and 1 blood type B member, B1A4!
Having debuted in April with ‘OK’ and ‘Only Learnt The Bad Things’ and capturing attention of both local and foreign fans, B1A4 has emerged to be the hottest rookies. With personalities and colors unique to themselves, B1A4 has returned with their second mini album [IT B1A4].

The title track of B1A4’s second mini-album [IT B1A4] is ‘Beautiful Target’. The other tracks are ‘My Love’, ‘Chu Chu Chu’, ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and ‘Fooool’. Like with the first album, member Jinyoung has had his self-composed and written song included in the second album. Members CNU and BARO were involved in writing the title song, and also the rap-making for all the songs, allowing you to meet B1A4 on a different level as artistes. The title track’s music video had the involvement of Korea’s best director Joo Heesun, and depicts a humourous and sensational story. The members appear as various characters, and with the emergence of a surprise cameo, it is expected to bring yet another level of interest to fans.

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Source: Korean Music Copyright Association &
Translation Credits: skipfire @
Please credit both the sources and translators when taking out.

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