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[NEWS] B1A4’s Strategy is Friendliness


d : Let’s hear your greetings for the Dosirak family.
B1A4 : Let`s Fly! B1A4~! Hello, we are the new group, B1A4, with the members Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Sandeul, BARO, and Gongchan who made our debut with the song, “O.K”. Dosirak Family~! Nice to meet you guys. ^^

d : Tell me about the name B1A4. Why is it B1A4?
B1A4 : Our group name B1A4 comes from our members’ blood types! BARO’s blood type is B while the rest of us our blood types are A. After knowing the meaning of our name, many people said it is fun and original. However, there are people who say our name is difficult. Just remember that one person’s blood type is B, while the other four have A as their blood type~ ^^ And, there is another meaning for B1A4. It is an acronym for `Be the one, All for one`, and this means that we will do our best for our dreams. Watch over and support the one boy with B as his blood type and the four other boys with A as their blood type as they do their best to make their dreams come true.

d : Lately, live skills are needed for broadcasts or performances. If you would personally evaluate B1A4’s live skills?
B1A4 : I think evaluating ourselves is too difficult. As long as it’s a place where we can show off ourselves, we will do our best to show a better stage and a more amazing live. We will do our best so that our passion and energy can be passed on to those who are watching us!

d : After releasing the album, what are the reactions around you?
BARO : First off, my parents are really happy. It pulled at my heart once I heard that my mother cried after she watched the music video.
Sandeul : My friends called me after seeing the video, saying that they couldn’t find me. Before our debut, I kept wearing high dosage glasses and then recently switched to lenses. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t recognize me. My eyes grew two times more after taking off my glasses (laughter).
JinYoung : There are many times when I can’t feel that our album came out. Although it hasn’t been long since we debuted, I’m at a loss because our fans give us a lot of love and support. And I feel thankful towards the many people who came personally to our debut stage to support us and to the many who watched us through TV. I was surprised because there were many people who came from other countries. Truthfully, all of us were touched~

d : During the few years it took to prepare for this album, were there any personal changes for each of you?
Jinyoung : During my trainee days, I thought it would be great if a song I made could go into our team’s album. So I naturally started composition. I started off with a small notebook and a microphone. If I made a song, the members and I would gather up in the dormitory at night to add lyrics to it and record it. Because of this, we couldn’t feel that we were staying up all night. I was really proud to see that a song we worked on was finished and put into the album. And I also think another change is there are many people that we feel thankful for, who go through a lot of troubles for us. So that’s why we always have a thankful heart about everything and we also created a habit where we be careful for every action we take, look back at it, and self-reflect about it.

Shinwoo: At first, I think I was just happy and excited for the anticipation of our album coming out after we became singers. However, while preparing for it, my sense for responsibility grew stronger and my greed to do a bit more better, grew. As I think about it now, I think I became a bit more mature while preparing for this album.

BARO: While preparing for this album, I had to leave my hometown of Gwangju and live apart from my family. Since there were a lot of things I needed to practice and prepare for, I didn’t have any time to meet friends. Besides the time I was at school, I spent all my time at the practice room. But there wasn’t a time where I thought this life was hard! It’s because I knew that there were many things I needed to give up and throw away in order to achieve my dreams. And I may have slightly realized things that I should have realized as an adult. Because I’m in charge of the rapping in the team, I think a lot about ‘what can I do to rap better???’.

Sandeul: I’m the happiest when I sing. Whenever I’m tired, happy, or sad, I feel my heart becomes more relaxed if I go through it together with music. Then I naturally think a lot about what I should do to make a better sound and what I should do to make a better expression. And to show my various sides, I put a lot of effort in changing myself. While doing this, I think my looks and thoughts have changed a lot.

Gongchan: I’m currently feeling how happy it is to do something you’ve been dreaming about. So I always self-resolve about the promise I had made to myself when I first started, to not break it. There are people who think I’m chic because I’m a bit shy around others. I worked hard to change their minds. I also learned that I need to always stay modest ^^

d: There’s something we always ask to rookie singers that start off now. What singer do you want to be like?
B1A4: Before going to sleep, we always have a talk time every Saturday.
There’s something we always promise to ourselves then; to become singers who try their best to become the best, and always be modest and not lose sight of our original focus.
We think that if we aren’t content right now and continue to put more effort towards a larger goal, we can become closer towards the dream we’ve been hoping for.

d: There are many rookie groups who are being noted lately. What is B1A4’s own strategy?
B1A4: It is friendliness! As you can see, all of the members are comfortable-looking and not overbearing. And because all of our personalities are easy going, I think everyone can feel friendliness. We plan to go towards everyone with our true personalities to become closer to them.

d: What kind of music does B1A4 usually listen to?
B1A4: Because each of the members like a different style of music, we naturally listen to various genres. Due to this, we grew to not care specifically about which genre we listen to and enjoy all types of music.

d: What’s the concept and identity that B1A4 pursues?
B1A4: Before our debut, we approached everyone with a webtoon called ‘The Five Talks’. The characters in the webtoon were drawn to reflect each of the members’ personalities and personal characteristics. We want to approach everyone and show various sides of each member’s personal characteristics and charms, like the webtoon~ ^^ And we also want to show a constantly improving side to ourselves where everyone can agree and enjoy our music and think ‘B1A4 is a group whose future I look forward to rather than the present’ when thinking of us.

d: Please give your closing greeting to B1A4 fans and the Dosirak family.
B1A4: Dosirak family~! Thank you very much for reading our interview. We, B1A4, will become a group who works really hard and knows how to be thankful! And we will repay everyone, who anticipate and give us support, with better songs and amazing performances. Please love Dosirak in the future and please love B1A4 as well!

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  1. when is B1A4 coming to U.S.A ?


  2. thailand love b1a4

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