Posted by: girls87 | April 30, 2011

[TRANSLATION] Sandeul’s First Tweet

천둥번개 소리에 놀라 잠이 깼어요 !! ㅠㅠ 비도오고 날씨도 추운데 감기조심하세요 ~ !!ㅎㅎ I LOVE U↘↗↘↗↗↘♥♡

Eng. Translation

i got scared at the thunder storm and i woke up !! ㅠㅠ it’s raining and the weather is very cold, be careful and don’t catch a cold ~!! hehe I LOVE U↘↗↘↗↗↘♥♡

Indo Translation

Aku takut pada petir saat hujan badai dan aku terbangun !! ㅠㅠ sekarang hujan dan cuaca sangat dingin, hati-hati dan jangan samapi kedinginan ~!! hehe AKU MENCINTAIMU↘↗↘↗↗↘♥♡

gomawo sandeul,,,nado saranghae…LOL 😄

source : @SANDEUL920320
Eng. Trans by fyeahsandeul
Indo Trans by
posted by 64assa@6theory

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