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[NEWS] Inkigayo Magazine Interview – Dalmatian


“My birthday is on April Fool’s Day. When I was younger in having an innocent heart, I told my friends ‘It’s my birthday tomorrow, so you have to come’ and I passed out snacks and invitations. The next day, only my close friend came and I didn’t see anyone else. Telling my friends this a day before April Fool’s Day, they thought I was lying so they didn’t bother paying close attention. I even passed out snacks, so how could they do this! (Laughs). But I had to carry on with my birthday party, so I ended up finding my friends myself and bringing them over. April 1st is my birthday, so don’t think it’s a lie and believe me! Haha.”

Dalmatian_Day Day

“Everyone seems like they would have one, but I don’t necessarily have a special experience.. I tested the friendship between my friend and I. I know I’m not supposed to but since it was April Fool’s, I just wanted to for fun. So I called my friend when nothing was going on by saying, “I’m captured by scary people. Help me,” and not even 10 minutes later, je brought 8 friends who were built to find me. In coming at such a fast time, I was able to see that our friendship was real and I was touched. Of course, I got in a lot of trouble for shocking my friend. (Laughs).”


“When I was a student, I remember feeling the success in the students changing classrooms and the teachers entering the wrong classroom. (Laughs). Also, the worst lie I’ve ever told was when I was twenty and I lied to a friend I was fighting. A different friend of ours told a big lie and called the friend I was in a fight with, saying that I had died in a car accident. I was hoping that through April Fool’s, our friendship will be better but not even 10 minutes after, he ran to my house. I was really touched by that friend, but sadly we lost contact. For those who know this friend, please give me a call~!! I miss you, my friend.”


“During April Fool’s, we changed the direction of our teacher’s desk in facing the opposite direction. Our goal was to surprise our teacher, but our teacher wasn’t coming in. We thought, ‘What’s wrong?’ and the students decided to skip class. Aside from a few who returned to the classroom, almost everyone in my homeroom had left. What happened? The next day at school, we got hit about 80 times. We reflected that could be even felt in our bones. Sob sob.”


“I told my mother, ‘Mom, I’m hurt because I got injured. I’m not going to my after school academy!’ In saying that, my mom hit me with a broom on my butt. (Laughs). It’s good to make jokes and play around for fun during April Fool’s, but I hope that people don’t make serious lies, or else you’ll get hit on the butt like me~ Instead, lying about things that make others feel good is really good. ‘Dalmatian has entered the Japanese market!’, ‘They already rose on the Japanese music charts!’; lies like this. I think even imagining it will give my joy and happiness. Yahoo!”


“My mother is busy with her work in which she has to go to various places. On the day after April Fool’s, our church had a choir concert at church on April 2nd. However, claiming that she was busy, she said she was not attending. I wanted to show her how hard I practiced and since she couldn’t, I was sad and glum. On the day of the concert, my mother ended up attending. I asked her why she lied and she said, ‘People need to feel how much pain there is to lying.’ Now that I think about it, my mother is right. After that, I never made foul lies. ^^”

Dalmatian Youngwon

We worked hard in promoting <The Man Opposed> in having people know Dalmatian and we will work even harder into becoming hard-working idols! All the members have their personal schedules, so we’re working hard in maintaining our schedules and look out for us as we become a more improved Dalmatian~

Dalmatian Jeesu

We have the greed in wanting to reinforce a more music-based image with an awesome choreography and song in showing off Dalmatian’s hidden charms that we weren’t able to show through <The Man Opposed>. Whether it’s composing a song or receiving vocal training well, we want to give to our fans as a present in showing an image in which we have grown musically.

Dalmatian Day Day

Due to Dalmatian promoting in the month of March, he is now reflecting in not being able to work out. His body getting a bit weaker, he was stuck with a cold for 3 weeks and now his ultimate goal for the month of April is to work out, take care of his health, and go back to having a built body!

Dalmatian Dari

In working out efficiently, his goal is to build his body one step upgraded! Since I’m a rapper, I must write a lot of lyrics, right? I’m working hard in learning how to compose lyrics when making music that will hold Dalmatian’s own color. Ah~ Also, I’m planning on having another tattoo. You’re a man if you can withhold pain. (Laughs)

Dalmatian Inati

Going straight into working on a new song after Dalmatian’s <The Man Opposed>! Personally working on a song, they are spending each day busily in preparation for their album coming out next year. Wanting to study Japanese, he bought a book and is currently learning by himself. In April, he wants to meet a friendly Japanese teacher.

Dalmatian Daniel

He does get upset when he gets edited out for his insufficiency in Korean, but he is putting his all into studying Korean in wanting to speak Korean that sounds logical! As a rookie, it’s good to let Dalmatian’s name be known, along with our song gaining good results from ranking in the top half of the charts. A lot of albums were sold, the amount of fans grew, and I think this has been a really happy April.

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