Posted by: Mieyonn (미언) | April 20, 2011

[NEWS] MINHO SHINEE Encouragement For FX’s Comeback

나의…유일한 예쁘고 착한 후배~! f(x)! 첫 번째 정규앨범 너무 축하해^^ 기분 좋은 소식도 들리고~ 피노키오! 진짜 화이팅! 여러분~~~ 거짓말 하면 안되죠? 나도 피노키오~!

English translation: My… only pretty and good juniors~! f(x)! Congratulations on your first full album ^^ I’m even hearing good things about it~ Pinocchio! I wish you lots of Hwaiting! Everybody~~~ you can’t lie, right? I’m a pinocchio too~!
Source: SHINee’s Me2day
Reuploader: Jae
Translation: Jae + REAL STYLE.
Credit: Aff(x)tion Forums
TAKEN FROM : KhuntoriaLurve@Tumblr

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