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[NEWS] APINK talks about ‘Diet’ and ‘Schedules’

Girl group diets have always been a hot topic ever since the daily calorie intakes for SNSD, KARA, and many others began circulating on the internet.

Maintaining the much-coveted ‘S-line’ has practically become a duty for girl groups, especially with the speed at which pictures spread on the internet. Netizens are especially brutal when it comes to spotting a bit of weight gain, which inevitably leads to girl groups exclaiming, “The pain of starving is less than that of the pain of receiving a negative response from netizens.”

A Pink is under the same scrutiny, and so they’re tied to a strict diet regimen. Sports Seoul caught up with the girls mid-rehearsal at 5:00 PM, right when their manager turned off their practice music and brought in their dinner.

The menu consists of a salad (lettuce, three baby tomatoes) and canned chicken breast. 

They were able to mix their chicken breast into their salad only after their manager stripped the chicken of all the oil in the can.

The girls chowed it down in the blink of an eye, and when asked if they didn’t think the chicken was too dry, the girls replied with a laugh, “It’s still better that it’s there, since it’s meat at least…”

Still, the girls eat three meals a day.  Chorong revealed, “We’re all at the age of growing, so we all have a big appetite. If we don’t eat three meals a day, we get hungry and tire easily during rehearsals. Even if it’s three meals, they’re still controlled…”

For breakfast, they eat radish stock soup or brown rice, and 40g of sugarless cereal. The girls shyly added as a secret, “We grab a handful more when the manager isn’t looking. Even after we eat all of that, we still get hungry after two hours.”

For lunch, they eat corn or sweet potatoes and two bananas. ”It’s still the meal that we feel the most full from out of the day.” If they’re still unbearably hungry, the members are allowed to eat buckwheat noodle soup.

At 5 PM, like mentioned above, the girls end conclude with a dinner of salad. Inevitably, they’re still hungry after a day of intense rehearsals, so they’ll still snack on bananas or nuts like almonds throughout their practice.

After rehearsal ends, they quiet their hunger pangs by going straight to sleep when they return to their dorms. When asked what they wanted to eat the most, they revealed, “Chicken, pizza, coke. We want soondae-soup as well.”

With their impending debut drawing near, what’s a regular day like for them? Literally, their day consists of eating, sleeping, and rehearsing.

Park Chorong and Son Na Eun receive two hours of acting lessons from 9 AM to 11 AM, while the remaining five head to school for their morning lessons. They all group together at 12 PM and eat lunch together till 1 before going straight into an intense rehearsal schedule. Until 5 PM, they take lessons in vocal training and choreography rehearsal.

In order to prepare for future variety show appearances, they also don’t forget to come up with a few personal talents to show off.

After eating dinner from 5 to 6, the girls rehearse nonstop until 3 AM the next day. This is the most intense period for the girls, as they’re trained specifically for live performances like it’s the real deal.

Bomi stated, “Because our stage outfits consist of short skirts and high heels, we have to practice with them on to prevent mistakes.”

Concluding their busy day back at their dorms at 3 AM, the girls still take the time to reflect. Na Eun expressed, “Mainly, we discuss what went good and what went bad during the day. We try to exchange opinions and make a list of what we need to concentrate on for the next day. We’re all extremely happy that we’re able to achieve our dreams right now, even though our rehearsals are tiring.”

Source: Sports Seoul #1, #2 via Nate
credit: allkpop

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