Posted by: Mieyonn (미언) | April 16, 2011

[NEWS] 4MINUTE “Please keep watching us, we will try harder!”

Popular girl group 4Minute has come back with a powerful album titled 4Minutes Left, and male fans are giving them much attention. After their debut, this is their first time wearing dresses and singing a love song. To this, 4Minute stated, “Girls really have to look pretty” as they laughed.

“Honestly, we don’t have that many male fans. We usually have a tough appearance, so it seems like we’ve been getting a lot more attention from female fans. So we’ve suggested that we try to appeal as a more prettier and girl-like image this time. So we even put on dresses. Our make up has gotten lighter too. In one week of the promotions for our new album, many male fans have opened their eyes and have gave us a lot of their attention. Even the men who just came out for break from military service are already getting in line for fan sign meetings. Girls have to be pretty. [laughs]” – HyunA

“As a music group, we’ve tried many different things on stage. For the past 1 year, our fans have gave us suggestions and we’ve monitored it quite some time.  They’ve asked us to make more simple and easier songs, more friendlier images. Our fans have asked us within the line that we can keep our own colors that we can change so that we could hear that we are pretty too.” – Kwon SoHyun

4Minute, who has been promoting in Japan for the past year, is walking a slightly different path compared to other girl groups. When compared to other groups, their songs are noticeably not instant hits right after release; however, they consistently work hard and leave a good impression to fans and viewers. Because of this, their music is continuing to grow through the love and support from fans.

“We became really self-conscious thinking, if we should actually try a cuter dance choreograph. But that wasn’t a matter for us to worry about. While others are getting on the issue with their similar styles, we just had to appeal with a new look and new color. So I think it’s good.” – HyunA

4Minute’s new title song Mirror Mirror‘s dance routine has received a warning ordering them to change their choreography to something more appropriate.

“The choreograph has been changed about 6 times now. We go to the training room and practice rooms in our training outfits. We tried so hard, much harder than those who are training for debut at the moment. We watched foreign performance videos to increase our knowledge of how to perform. Since it was a dance we’ve been practicing over 2 months, I never expected anything bad to be said about the dance.” – Nam JiHyun

The group has switched a few dance moves around and will be continuing to promote the songs. Making changes to the dance is not a problem, but what worries people is that the interest in their song and dance may decrease.

“We’ve changed the dance, but please keep watching us with the same interest and attention. We will try harder!” – Jeon Ji-Yoon

source : hellokpop

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