Posted by: Mieyonn (미언) | April 16, 2011

[NEWS] 2NE1 to comeback on the 18th

Girl group 2NE1 looks like their coming around with another comeback.

YG Entertainment put up on their site on April 15th saying “2NE1 Coming soon” which was a surprise reveal to everyone. Many people have high expectation for this comeback.

During the past year they released their 1st full album with the title songs of Can’t Nobody, Go Away, and Clap Your Hands. It’s only been 7 months since their last release and already the are presenting to us with a new tune and great performances.

This popular group always seems to sell at least 10,000 copies of their albums who have set the records within the girl group society. Within the boundaries of Korea is a given but also in foreign countries they are making it big. 2NE1 is being acknowledge and noticed in other countries as well. They seemed confident in the songs that they had, they look like they are prepared to show us what they’ve got once again.
One of the agency’s representative said, “On the coming 18th, 2NE1 will have an official release of their comeback. Even after and during the promotions of their previous album, they’ve been working on this new album creating, producing, and practicing for it. They’ve practiced enough and it’s reasonable for us to say that you should have high expectations.”

After their debut, all of their music has been set apart from the rest, not only their music but their fashion and performances have set them apart from other girl groups. Their unique style for promotions and ideas to reach out to their fans have left very good impressions on their fans and netizens. So for this new comeback they will be making, everyone seems so curious and anxious to hear it.

source : hellokpop

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