Posted by: Mieyonn (미언) | April 16, 2011

4Minute VS A-Pink

‘Sister’ groups, A Pink and 4MINUTE, have been pit against each other – and a major girl group showdown will unfold.

4MINUTE’s new song, ‘Mirror Mirror’ has been a hit, after the group went on hiatus for 1 year. In contrast, their ‘sister’ group, A Pink, is just about to debut, scheduled for mid-April.

The interesting point about these two groups is their two unique concepts – which have inevitably been pit against each other. While one is innocent and one is sexy, they’re both representing the powerful charisma and strength of South Korea.

A Pink hasn’t even debuted yet, but their teasers and concept photos have shown a sweet, pure image, unlike 4MINUTE’s, claiming the top spot in the ‘original concept’ category. While 4MINUTE’s is sexy, strong and fun.

Both groups have extraordinary, eye-catching concepts, none the less. A Cube – A Pink’s agency – is actually a sublabel of CUBE – 4MINUTE’s agency. A Pink spent their trainee days in CUBE, before moving to A Cube, thus spending a lot of time with their co-labelers, G.NA, 4MINUTE and B2ST, among others.

CUBE Entertainment and A Cube have a running joke against each other as well, says an official. “Although the albums are being released differently, their concepts are so different it’s hard to compare,” one joked. “They both have a lot of attention following them. I can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction when A Pink walks out…”

Translations: Sungmin @ (risingsuperapink)

taken from a-pinkyeah@tumblr

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