Posted by: girls87 | March 20, 2011

[Korean Drama 2011] Dream of 400 Years










Title: 사백년의 꿈 / Sabaeknyeonui Kkum
Chinese Title : 四百年前的梦
Also known as: 400 Years’ Dream
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Format: Drama Special Series
Episodes: 2
Director: Moon Young Jin (문영진)
Screenwriter: Chae Hye Young (채혜영), Kim Shin Tae (김신태)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2011-Mar-27 to 2011-Apr-03
Air time: Sunday 23:15

The story of a couple who reunited after their love was denied 400 years ago.

Han Eun Jung
Ryu Tae Joon
Seo Ji Young
Ahn Byung Kyung (안병경)
Kim Byung Chan (김병찬)
Heo Jae Ho (허재호)
Kim Hyung Mi (김형미)

cr : Asian Pop Addict

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