Posted by: girls87 | February 22, 2011

[NEWS] SECRET to Conclude “Shy Boy” Promotions this week, possible comeback in April

After achieving much success with their comeback hit, “Shy Boy“, the ladies of SECRET have announced that they will be ending their promotions.

On February 22nd, TS Entertainment stated, “After performing on this week’s music programs, SECRET will be concluding their ‘Shy Boy’ promotions.”

The girls attained remarkable achievements this time around, with a three week hit on KBS’s “Music Bank“, a Mutizen win on SBS’s “Inkigayo,” and numerous awards from “M Countdown“. Unlike most songs which lose popularity towards the end of a promotion cycle, SECRET’s “Shy Boy” is still doing strong on the charts, demonstrating the song’s undeniable power.

The representative continued, “We could continue with promotions, but we feel that it’s more meaningful to step down while they’re still at the top.  The members will be focusing on individual activities for now, and will return with a new comeback album in as early as April.”

Member Ji Eun will begin her solo activities on March 3rd.


Source: SPN via Nate

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