Posted by: girls87 | February 22, 2011

[NEWS] Lee Seung Gi becomes the literal ‘cold city man’ for ‘ELLE’


Singer-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi has transformed into the literal ‘cold city man’ for the March edition of  ’Elle‘ magazine.

Although he’s been busy participating in the variety shows, “1 Night 2 Days” and “Strong Heart“, the talent pencilled in a New York City fashion shoot. Arriving in Manhattan, the star was surprised to learn that many people on the street were able to recognize him, with some even stopping to watch his photoshoot. In the Soho district, people crowded the small streets in order to admire his good looks.

The concept for this photoshoot was to portray a lonely man, specifically, to express the feelings of a man after a sad breakup. Lee Seung Gi was able to bring out his talents to deliver a melancholic look that fit perfectly with the chilly backdrop of NYC.

The magazine also interviewed the star about his career led to personal growth. I’ve learned a lot from appearing regularly on programs. It’s important for you to do well personally, but team work is even more important. It may have looked like I didn’t have a hard time, but there was a period when I felt let down and was in despair. Because I felt that when I was young, I’m able to do well now“.

He also added, I try to talk more with my parents as I get older.”

You can check out the complete fashion shoot in the March edition of “Elle”.

Source: Newsen via Nate

cr : allkpop

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