Posted by: girls87 | February 19, 2011

My wish…^^

If God gives you life once again
What’s the most you can expect the delivery?
If God gives me life once more
The most I can expect delivery is …
Still have family and friends like you
For me .. I breath, the life I live and I was half of you are
I’m not anything without you
Because I need the balance of life
I limp when I need a stick as a crutch
At the time I am blind I need someone as a step towards me
And in the time I fell I need someone to help me stand back
I am only a woman
That is not able to live without you
And I am also not a perfect woman who can not be separated from errors
I may never make you angry, sad and disappointed
But I am far away in the heart, I really feel for you
Thank you for everything
If I am not able to reply to all the good you
Hopefully God will give his …
Unfortunately for you …. I Love you all …^_^

…by 291187…

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